Editing services

Whether you need someone to take a quick look at your writing or you want a more thorough review of it, I provide copyediting, line editing, and fact checking. My fees are based on the amount of work entailed and whether you have funding for the project or are paying out-of-pocket.

As a fellow writer and a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, I know the importance of making sure that your work is presented in the best manner–polished and professional. I specialize in and am most interested in editing academic writing that explores topics such as race and ethnicity, public health, mental health, sexuality and gender, class, and LGBTQI-related concerns. I have extensive knowledge about and experience working in these areas as a psychotherapist, a behavioral scientist, and as an organizational consultant. I am also skilled in and enjoy editing creative writing for those looking to make sure that their work makes the impact they want.

Contact me at ldfollins@gmail.com if you’re looking for someone who will be as passionate about your work as you are and who is committed to excellence!