As a Black queer psychotherapist and a writer, my work is rooted in the fundamental beliefs that humans are resilient and that most people have the capacity to change. My psychotherapy practice and my life are informed by the study of Western and Black psychology, social work as well as West African and Afro-Latino spiritual traditions. In my psychotherapy practice, I work with people who have any or no religious or spiritual practices.

Why the name, “Meliora Consulting LLC”? Meliora is Latin for “always better,” and working to improve things for others is my life’s work. Whether through my writing or my clinical work, my goal is to enrich the lives of Indigenous LGBTQI people, and LGBTQI/same-gender-loving people of color[1]. Those who are marginalized because of their ethnoracial background, gender identity or expression, sexual identity, sexual practices, relationship configuration, ability, and/or religious or spiritual background are of specific concern to me.

[1]“People of color” includes individuals who identify as Arab/Middle Eastern, Asian Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Latina/o/x, and Multiracial/Biracial.